Lesson 1: m, a, t, d

In this video lesson, children will be introduced be introduced to the sounds and letters for m, a, t, and d. The movements used to go along with each sound are march, apple (apple picking), tap, and dance. Students will be encouraged to use their magic wand to skywrite the letters. They will use their squares to "jump out" the sounds in the words "mad" and "mat". They will then use their smaller squares on their magnet board to represent the sounds again and then match the sounds to letters.

The printable includes a page for each letter-sound to remind children of the movement for each sound. When you see a letter between 2 slashes, like this /m/, that represents the SOUND "mmm" rather than the letter. Children circle pictures that begin with each sound. On the last page, children read the words "mat" and "mad", draw a line from the correct picture to word, and trace then write each word.

Lesson 1 Printables.pdf
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